5 Ways to Create Quality Family Time

5 Ways to Create Quality Family TimeCreating quality family time can be challenging, let’s face it, we are all busy, rushing from here to there, school, work, activities, homework, errands leave you feeling tired, stressed, and like you have no time for yourself, let alone your family. It is so important to carve time for your family to connect, decompress and laugh together.  Family time means time together as a family. No friends, no TV, no phones or video games, no one else except you and your kids. It’s time for you and your family to have fun, to talk about important issues that need to be addressed, to laugh, to see what is going on in each others lives. But sometimes it may seem like it is hard to find the time. I want to give you some tips and easy ways to make the time you do have count and to create more family bonding time so you can connect and build that unity.

  1. 1.Use day-to-day opportunities as times to talk and connect. Like when you are driving your child to school or to an activity, instead of talking on the phone to a friend or letting your child play with your iPhone, have a conversation with them about their day, their plans, their worries. If they are young, ask them what the best part of their day was? What was the worst part of your day? And let them ask you the same questions. Taking these 5-10 minutes to talk to your child can give you a lot of info about what is going on in their day. And remember it’s about quality time not quantity.

  2. Schedule a technology-free evening together. This means no TV, no phones, no computer, just you and your kids at home spending an evening together playing a board game, making cookies, doing an arts and crafts activity, talking together, playing charades.

  3. Don’t plan so much on the weekends. It is okay to have downtime on Saturday and Sunday. You and your children are so busy during the week that everyone needs to have some “chillax” time as the kids call it these days. You will see how you and your kids will feel calmer, more relaxed and happier from doing nothing. It gives kids a chance to learn how to entertain themselves and see how you deal with downtime. You can model it by reading a book, doing a hobby, reading a book with them.

  4. Eat dinner together as a family. This is a biggie. It is so important to do and yet I know, when I ask this question to my clients, most families tell me – everyone eats on their own schedule. Growing up in my house, dinner was a ritual in my house. We ate dinner every night at 6:30 when my Dad got home. It was a nice way to end the day, and talk and no matter how bad your day was at school that time made me feel loved, and cared about and my worries or stress sort of didn’t bother me as much. And I could talk about it with them then. So if you can start slow- try to have dinner at least once a week and then build up on it.

  5. And of course vacation.  I know times are tough and a lot of people can’t afford go on vacation but there are ways to do it for less and it is a special time to have a lot of quality time together. You can swap houses with a friend who lives in another state. You can find a nice place that you can drive to that is not so far from your home and stay somewhere reasonable. Also, because of the economy, you can get good deals on hotels now. So do it take that vacation. Plan one for the next break your kids have. It will do you and your family good.

And remember, a family that spends time together, stays together!

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