Women's Counseling Jessica Marchena, LMHC Boca Raton FloridaAre you stressed out all of the time?

  • Are you overwhelmed and feel like your life is out of control?

  • Are you having difficulties at work or in your relationships with family and friends?

Women’s Counseling could be the answer.

I hear you! It’s hard being a woman sometimes.  We go through a lot of life transitions, such as marriage, motherhood, career changes, divorce, infertility, etc.

Sometimes these changes are easier to handle than others. Other transitions can be so difficult that you become depressed, anxious, and may feel like you can’t get up in the morning.

I work with a lot of women who are just like you. They are fabulous, amazing, women, wives, mothers, professionals and non- professionals who get stuck at different times in their lives.  When they come to me, they feel stressed out and stuck.

On the outside, their lives may look pretty good, but on the inside they just aren’t happy.  Does this sound like you?

Stress, anxiety, and relationship issues can hit at any time. When these things happen, all you want is to feel better.

Have you felt any of these things lately?

  • I just can’t take it anymore.

  • Why does this keep happening to me?

  • How can I get out of this relationship, or job, or friendship?

  • I am so tired all of the time.

  • I feel so frazzled and unfocused. I can’t get anything done.

  • I am in this relationship or marriage but why do I still feel so alone?

  • I am so lucky. I have a good life. Why am I feeling depressed or anxious?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it’s okay. I understand that if you are feeling this way, it can make life difficult.  It may be hard to get up and do your normal daily routine. You may find yourself crying a lot.

You may be wondering what happened to me. I never used to be like this.

You are not alone! There is hope.  And I want you to know that there is help.

Sometimes, things that happen to us can hurt more just because of the way we think about them or perceive them.  Just because you think about something one way doesn’t make it true.  Things don’t change unless we do something about them. And, things can get better quickly when we are working on it.

With a plan, attention, support and action, things can get better.

You don’t have to go through this alone.  Maybe your partner doesn’t understand what you are going through or doesn’t validate your feelings.

Maybe your family friends try to help and give advice but they just want to see you get better so maybe they say things like,” cheer up, it’s not that bad.” Or they want to tell you how to fix the problem.  They may have good intentions but they don’t have the skills or training to help you and you end up feeling worse.

I want to hear your story.

 I will guide and support you as you talk about the things that are difficult for you.  I will provide direct and honest feedback in a supportive and nurturing manner.  I will help you learn how to problem solve and discover solutions that will make life easier for you.

Wondering what our sessions will look like?

I want you to feel comfortable and safe in our sessions. My office looks much like a family room except with no TV and a few homey touches. I invite my clients to kick off their shoes if they want, grab a pillow, and get comfy.

During our sessions, we’ll talk, we’ll laugh and we may even shed a few tears together. It’s a mutual conversation.  If you don’t agree with me on something, I want to hear it! You are the expert on your life, and together we will work to find what best meets your needs.

You will get the tools you need to feel better about who you are and what you want for your life.

You will bring a notebook to session, kind of like a your own personal “cheat sheet” of what to do between then and our next session. So, if you find yourself having a bad day, or waking up with a knot in your stomach, the cheat sheet has the things we talked about during our last session that will help you know what to do. Then you can share with me how that worked and we can tweak it so you have your very own personal plan that is just for you.

You deserve to have a helping hand when you are struggling. It doesn’t have to be this hard. You can feel happy, confident and in control.

I understand how hard it can be and can give you the tools you need to get unstuck and get your life back on track.

Imagine if you understood your problems in a different way, if you created new routines or had solutions to your problems.  Life would be a lot easier, right? You will feel lighter, more energetic, more confident and happier.

Regardless of what it is you are struggling with, I am here to help you. You deserve more. I want you to feel happier and to have more peace of mind.

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